Nfinity Cheer Shoes.

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Nfinity Defiance Cheer Shoe Nfinity Flyte Cheer Shoe
Nfinity Defiance Cheer ShoeNfinity Flyte Cheer Shoe
The Nfinity Defiance cheer shoe is created with game-changing material that has altered the cheerleading world. The Nfinity Defiance is for competitive cheerleaders to be worn on spring floors or matted surfaces.You're on the rise with the Nfinity FLYTE. At only 3.8oz, this shoe is specifically designed for comfort, fit, and the ultimate in stunt performance. The Nfinity Flyte is for competitive cheerleaders to be worn on spring floors or matted surfaces.



Nfinity Titan Cheer Shoe Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoe
Nfinity Titan Cheer ShoeNfinity Evolution Cheer Shoe
Nfinity Titan Cheer Shoe. Unleash your Titan with Nfinity’s first ever high top for cheer. These old-school meets modern style high top features an interlocking exoskeleton for added ankle stability that is perfect for tumbling. Available in White or Black.Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoe. Harness the energized comfort of the Nfinity Evolution to meet your competition goals. The Nfinity Evolution is for competitive cheerleaders but is also durable enough for sideline cheer.




Nfinity Rival Cheer Shoe Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe
Nfinity Rival Cheer ShoeNfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe
Nfinity Rival Cheer Shoe. This featherweight sideline cheer shoe offers a high spring eva, and easy stunt grip outsole and comfort that will last throughout cheer practice. Great sideline cheer shoe.Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe. These shoes definitely won’t weigh you down. At only 3.9 oz, the Nfinity Vengeance is our lightest cheer shoe. For Competitive Cheer to be worn on matted surfaces.




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Cheerleaders wear specific shoes for cheerleading. For competitive cheer you want a lightweight shoe that will allow you the freedom to tumble. Cheerleaders will buy shoes like Nfinity Vengeance or Nfinity Defiance if they are flyers. Flyers get thrown in the air by other cheerleaders and need a lightweight shoe. A good cheer shoe for flyers will also allow the base cheerleaders to grip easily. The Nfinity competition cheer shoes have great gripping ability.

Cheerleaders also cheer at basketball games or football games. Those cheerleaders need a different kind of cheer shoe. They need shoes that are more durable and will not wear down too fast from being on pavement, courts or gravel and grass. Nfinity Rival cheer shoes are the perfect shoe for sideline cheer. Sideline cheer is what cheerleaders are called who cheer on the sidelines of basketball games or football games.