Mens Risport Figure Skates & Figure Skate Boots

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New to figure skating? Not sure what figure skate would be best? Let us help you with our Figure Skate Comparison Guide. It provides the most comprehensive information on which figure skate would be best for your figure skating level. Not sure what size figure skate you wear? Let us help you find the best fit by teaching you How to Measure Feet for Skates.

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GloveStix & ShoeStix Insert RefillsKinzie's Closet Gift Certificate
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ShoeStix Risport Dance Mens Boot
ShoeStixRisport Ice Dance Boots - Mens
ShoeStix are the solution to your stink. ShoeStix will quickly absorb moisture, eliminate the odor, and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. ShoeStix do not mask the smell… they work hard to neutralize it! ShoeStix are designed to easily...The Risport Dance boot is designed for dancing and precision. The Dance is built with increased flexibility while still providing stability and extreme comfort.



Mens Risport RF1 Elite Figure Skate Boots Risport RF2 Mens Figure Skating Boots
Risport RF1 Elite Mens Figure Skate BootsRisport RF2 Mens Figure Skate Boots
Risport RF1 Elite Mens Figure Skate Boots are made with high quality materials and specifically designed for professional and elite skaters.

Recommended for Triple/Quad jumps and the following test levels:

USFSA Senior Free

ISI Freestyle Test 10

The Risport RF2 Mens Figure Skating Boots are designed for competitive figure skaters.

Recommended for Axel/Beginner Doubles and the following test levels:

USFSA Juvenile Free, Intermediate Free, Novice Free

ISI Freestyle Test 6,7,8



Risport RF3 Mens Figure Skate Boots Stink-eez Dolphin Pals Skate Deodorizer
Risport RF3 Mens Figure Skate BootsStink-eez Dolphin & Fringe Pal Deodorizer
The Risport RF3 Mens Figure Skating Boots are for skaters who want to reach advanced levels of skating.

Recommended for Single Jumps/Axel and the following test levels:

USFSA Freestyle 5,6, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile

ISI Freestyle Test 5,6,7

Stink-eez are a fun and colorful deodorizer that also remove moisture and bad odors from the interior of athletic footwear, gym bags and lockers. Available in Vanilla or Cinnamon.



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Risport makes high quality figure skates and figure skating boots for boys and men. Choose from the intermediate models like the Risport RF3, the Risport RF2 and the Risport Royal Pro. They are great figure skates for intermediate skaters advancing in their skills. For the more advanced skaters the Risport RF1 Elite, the Risport Royal Elite and the Risport RF1 Exclusive are great choices for those working on more complicated jumps and spins and wanting to advance in the sport. Risport skates are favored by Russian champions and are a great choice for all skaters at all levels.