Nfinity Cheer Backpacks
Nfinity Classic Backpack Nfinity Makeup Case
Nfinity Classic BackpackNfinity Makeup Case
The Nfinity® Classic Backpack is the perfect lightweight bag to get you through the rigors of school to traveling on the road.Mirrored after the Nfinity a shoe case, this hard exterior Makeup case protects while the interior zippered compartments organize your jewelry, makeup, and toiletries, and the eight-piece brush holder promises to protect the integrity of your set. Great for cheerleaders, dancers & skaters!



Nfinity Princess Backpack Nfinity Classic Backpack
Nfinity Princess BackpackNfinity Sparkle Backpack
Nfinity Sparkle Backpack. One of the 'Best Selling' bags. Functional and adorned with a rhinestone sparkle logo. Great for cheer, gymnastics, dance, skating or school!Nfinity Sparkle Backpack. Choosing your favorite color is going to be hard in this lightweight Sparkle Backpack. Great for cheer, gymnastics, dance, skating or school!




Nfinity Sparkle Weekender Backpack Nfinity Uniformer
Nfinity Sparkle Weekender BackpackNfinity Uniformer
The Nfinity Weekender Backpack, named appropriately, is ideal for a weekend away. Great for cheer, gymnastics, dance, skating or school!Nfinity Uniformer. Introducing the first-ever uniform organizer. You’ll wonder how you ever managed before the Uniformer. This is a cheer must-have item for any cheerleader.