Figure Skating Accessories Package
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Nfinity Ice Princess Skate Package. Great Gift Idea for your skater! This package has all the accessories you need to get started or take up where you left off. Included are a pair of gel skate blade guards, a pair of Fuzzy Soakers skate blade covers, a matching Fuzzy Soaker towel to wipe the water off your blades and an Nfinity Princess Backpack to carry it all. You won't be disappointed!

This one-of-a-kind high quality backpack features padded shoulder straps, 4 compartments perfect for holding a pair of figure skates and accessories, a padded laptop sleeve, stylish detachable purse adhered to the front and an adorable rhinestone sparkle logo. Two water bottle holders on each side.

  • 1 Nfinity Princess Backpack
  • 1 Pair of Gel Skate Guards. Trim to fit any skate blade.
  • 1 Pair of Fuzzy Soakers Blade Covers. One size fits up to 12 1/2" blade (blade measurement toe pick to tail).
  • 1 Fuzzy Soakers Towel to match Fuzzy Soakers Blade Covers.

Teal Package includes teal guards, soakers and towel. Purple Package includes purple guards, soakers and towel. Pink Package includes pink guards, soakers and towel.

Please note: Different manufacturers have variations in color dye and even though these colors will be a close match, Colors of soakers, backpack and guards may not match exactly with each other.

These items are sold in a package. They are not returnable for refund individually.

  • Manufacturer: Multiple Manufacturer's
  • Condition: New

Nfinity Ice Princess Skate Package

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