Skater's Gel Basics Pouch
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Skater's Gel Basics Pouch is designed for skaters. This cute little pink zipper pouch has an attached clip to fasten to any skate or athletic bag and includes a gel ankle sleeve and two gel discs. Ankle sleeve can be cut in half to accommodate two ankles. Great to have when breaking in new skates!
  • Helps protect the foot and ankle from abrasions without the added bulk.
  • Effective in protecting against discomfort caused by ski boots, skates, cleats and other athletic footwear.
  • Provides light compression to the foot and ankle.
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic
  • One Ankle Sleeve 3 in. x 10 in. (can be cut in half for both ankles)
  • Two gel Ankle Disks 2.5 in. diameter.
  • Manufacturer: Silipos
  • Condition: New

Skater's Gel Pads Basics Kit

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