Edea E-Guards Solid
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Edea E-Guards Solid - Sale! The new generation skate guard completely changes your life at the rink. Inspired by nature, the E-Guard has been completely rethought for better drainage and protection and it is so easy and quick to use. Worldwide Patent pending. Don’t wait, simply snap on and walk off in yours! The EDEA E-Guards are a strong advancement in Technology to keep your blades, no matter what blades you have, in better shape. Choose from several colors.

Always use guards when off the ice to protect your blades and make your sharpenings last longer! Walking without guards can dull edges quickly. Don't store your skates with guards on. Trapped water can rust your blades. Use Soakers for protecting your blades when stored. Specify Color.

  • Manufacturer: Edea
  • Condition: New

Edea E-Guards Solid - Sale!

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