Jackson Vista Viper Nylon Ladies Roller Skates
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Jackson Supreme Viper Alloy Roller Skate Package. A low-maintenance, high-performance package. The Viper's responsive action is perfect for derby and this is the plate to go for if you're not into micro-adjusting and fine-tuning all of the components of your plate like kingpin nuts and pivot arms. The Supreme Boot is constructed with microfiber inside and out - a material that will mimic the performance and comfort qualities of leather but offer less stretching over time. Heat moldable technology provides exceptional fit. Abrasion-resistant toe cap and a stitched leather outsole. Atom Wheels are available in several color choices.

The Poison Savant Wheels in colors are sold out and on backorder until July 15th. You may pre-order. Pre-orders are first come, first serve. If you choose to cancel your order and re-order later, or elsewhere, you will go to the back of the line.

  • Microfiber Uppers.
  • Abrasion Resistant Toe Caps
  • Velcro Power Strap
  • Microfiber Lining.
  • Padded Heel Lock
  • Padded Covered Tongue.
  • AquaTech Heat Moldable
  • Plate: Pilot F-16 Viper Alloy Plate
  • 16 Degree Kingpin Angle
  • One-Piece Cast Truck
  • 8mm Axles
  • Alloy Kingpin
  • Urethane Bushings
  • Available in C Width Whole Sizes Only
  • Bearings: Bionic ABEC 7
  • Toe Stop: Bionic Super Stopper
  • Choose your Color Atom Wheels
  • Atom Poison Savant Wheels
  • 84A Hardness
  • Available in Several colors
  • 59 x 38mm
  • Best For: Outdoor tracks, Slick Sport Courts, Bank Tracks and Dirty Wood Floors.
  • Atom Snap Wheels
  • 91A & 95A Hardness
  • Available in Several colors
  • 60mm x 40mm
  • Best For: Cement, Sport Court, Uncoated Surfaces.

The softer the wheel, or lower Shore "D" hardness number, the more the grip and slightly less roll.

The harder the wheel, or higher Shore "D" number, the more the roll, with slightly less grip.

Help us to keep our costs low by avoiding unnecessary returns/exchanges due to improper sizing. Please check the Jackson Size Chart before ordering. If you are unsure about your measurements, we provide information on how to measure the feet for skates. If you have any questions about measurements or skate sizing, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. kinziescloset@kinziescloset.com

Jackson Skate Sizing Chart
How To Measure the Feet For Skates

  • Manufacturer: Jackson
  • Condition: New

Jackson Supreme Viper Alloy Roller Skates

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