Mondor 3337 Figure Skating Tights
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Mondor 3337 Evolution Footed Skating Tights are a medium weight with a matte finish. Great for competition. The special fiber of these skating tights holds a permanent bacteriostatic property which means that the fiber maintains a natural balance on the skin, regardless of the level of physical activity and doesn't wash away.
  • Matte finish.
  • Sewn elastic waistband.
  • 3D knitting providing greater elasticity hence superior body contouring fit 70 denier
  • Resistant and durable
  • Excellent moisture absorption capacity.
  • Ultra soft and cool feeling sensation
  • 70 denier
  • Discounts when you purchase 3 or more.

92% Microfiber Nylon, 8% Spandex.

  • Manufacturer: Mondor
  • Condition: New

Mondor 3337 Evolution Footed Skating Tights

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