Pro-Balance Spinner - Fun Prints
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Pro-Balance Spinner - Fun Prints. Pro-Balance Spinner can be used for skaters and dancers. Use the spinner on a hard, slippery level surface free of sand or pebbles. A softer surface will cause rotations to be slower. Practice any type of spin and improve your body positions. With practice, you will find that you will be able to execute more rotations. Available in several prints.

For Skaters

  • Practice any type of spin off ice.
  • Can also be used to practice 3-turns, brackets and loops.
  • Practice body control in spins.

For Dancers

  • Develop ankle, knee, hip and middle body control
  • Practice body control in spins.
  • Manufacturer: Pro-Balance
  • Condition: New

Pro-Balance Spinner - Fun Prints

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