Riedell 23 Stride Girls Figure Skates
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Riedell 23 Stride Girls Figure Skates. Take to the ice with ease with the Riedell 23 Stride Girls Figure Skates. Designed with medium ankle support for all day comfort. Double reinforced leather uppers, leather soles and leather tongue reinforcement. Dri-Lex lining and traditional hand-rolled collar provides great fit and easy care. The argon welded stainless steel blade offers beauty and strength. Also available as boot only.
  • Flex Notch
  • Leather tongue reinforcement
  • Supple Dri-Lex lining
  • Leather soles
  • Available in White
  • Available as boot only or with Optional Capri blade or Astra blade attached
  • Capri blades feature 7ft rocker and straight cut picks. Astra blades are made with carbon steel, have a 7ft rocker and straight cut picks.
  • Support Rating 50
  • Available in Narrow, Medium and Wide

This skate recommended for the following test levels:
USFSA Basic 5, 6, 7
ISI Beta, Gamma, Delta, Freestyle Test 1, 2
Skate Canada Canskate Stages 4, 5

Note: The 23 Stride Jr. youth sizes 12.5 and below do not have the Flex Notch or the Hand-Rolled Collar feature.

You cannot determine skate boot sizes by comparing them to street shoe sizing. Avoid unnecessary returns/exchanges. Measure your feet and please check the Riedell Size Chart before ordering.

If you are unsure about your measurements, we provide information on how to measure the feet for skates. If you have any questions about measurements or skate sizing, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. kinziescloset@kinziescloset.com

Riedell Skate Sizing Chart
How To Measure the Feet For Skates

  • Manufacturer: Riedell
  • Condition: New

Riedell 23 Stride Girls Figure Skates

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