Risport Royal Prime Mens Figure Skating Boots
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Risport Royal Prime Mens Figure Skating Boots are extremely lightweight and were created by Risport for the professional and competitive figure skaters with technical and aesthetic characteristics for those who want top level performance with high end features. The Royal Prime model introduces two major innovations in the skating scene, both aimed at ensuring maximum performance.
  • Microfiber Upperwith contoured ankle topline and Kevlar® Dupont reinforcements.
  • Ultra Padded Rear Cuff
  • Aloe Treated Microfiber Lining with high perspiration-absorbing qualities along with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ventilated Preformed Padded and Stitched Tongue contoured profiles for easier bending.
  • A special EVA insert that gives the tongue extreme flexibility, elasticity and maximum rebound.
  • Anatomical Thermo-formable Padding
  • Leather Sole angled sole allows skaters to acheive sharper angles of inclination.
  • Single Layer Leather Sole with ultra light insert.
  • Blade Sold Separately
  • Support Rating 85-90 (not as stiff as the RF1)
  • Available in Matte Black Suede C Width Only.
  • This is not a stocked boot. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

This skate recommended for Double/Triple jumps and the following test levels:

USFSA Senior Free
USFSA Senior/Gold Pairs
ISI Freestyle Test 9, 10
Skate Canada Senior Silver/Gold

You cannot determine skate boot sizes by comparing them to street shoe sizing. Avoid unnecessary returns/exchanges. Measure your feet and please check the Risport Size Chart before ordering.

Risport sizes are measured in centimeters. If you are unsure about your measurements, we provide information on how to measure the feet for skates. If you have any questions about measurements or skate sizing, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. kinziescloset@kinziescloset.com

Risport Skate Sizing Chart
How To Measure the Feet For Skates

  • Manufacturer: Risport
  • Condition: New

Risport Royal Prime Mens Figure Skating Boots

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