Skating Safe - Clear Clouds Glove Pads
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Need hand protection from falls? Most padded gloves can be expensive and when they get wet need to be changed. Skating Safe Gel Glove pads fit inside gloves and protect hands from an impact related injury. If the gloves get wet, just change the gloves and keep the pad! Constructed from a medical grade gel and will last for MANY years!

One Size: 3.75" X 2.25" X 3/16".

Only 1 pad per package. Not sold in pairs!

Per our return policy, this item may not be returned.

  • Manufacturer: Skating Safe
  • Condition: New

Skating Safe Glove Gel Pads

Price: $17.00
2 or more: $16.50 each
4 or more: $16.00 each
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