Skating Safe Knee Pades
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Skating Safe knee pads aren't your everyday knee pads. Made from medical grade gel to protect your knees from falls associated with ice skating. This is the first kneepad specifically designed to address the figure skater's fall protection needs. They are thin and mold nicely to knee contours. The unique shape offers lateral knee protection. Wear under two pairs of tights or with a retention sleeve (for men or those who don't wear tights). Retention sleeve sold separately.

Knee pad should cover the sides of the knee adequately without extending too far around the leg.

  • Small - Best for Children - Small Adults
  • Medium - Best for Small - Large Adults
  • Large - Best for Large adults (over 6ft, 200 lbs)

Retention sleeve is made from compression hose material, 11.9% Lycra, 88.1% Nylon. Sleeve edges will not cause discomfort, are odor/bacteria free and may be washed with mild soap.

This is one Knee Pad ONLY. Does not come with the sleeve.

Per our return policy, this item may not be returned.

  • Manufacturer: Skating Safe
  • Condition: New

Skating Safe Knee Pad

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