Ultima UB120 Freestyle Figure Skate Blades
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Ultima UB120 Freestyle Figure Skating Blades - Clearance! These Blades incorporate all of the latest technology and features available. These blades have a 17" radius profile in front and an 8 foot rocker. They are the preferred choice of World and Olympic competitors and is recommended by elite coaches everywhere.
  • Chrome Finish
  • E-X-T (Edge Enhancement Technology-extra hard edge) nickel hardened finish hold edge longer.
  • Solid Plates
  • Cross Cut Picks
  • Standard heel
  • Advanced Competition Profile
  • Freestyle/Pairs Usage
  • 17" Radius Profile in Front - MK Phantom profile
  • 8' Rocker and 7/16" Radius of Hollow
  • Sizes available in 1/4" increments

These are clearance blades. Brand new, but the style has been discontinued. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

Don't know what size blade you need? When measuring blades to fit boots, the blade will typically be 1/4" shorter than the boot sole length. So, for instance if the sole length of your boot measures 10.5" long, then you would want to purchase a blade that will be 10.25" long. When in doubt, ask your coach.

  • Manufacturer: Jackson
  • Condition: New

Ultima UB120 Freestyle Figure Skating Blades - Clearance!

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